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Orlando's only Mikvah, MIKVAH YISRAEL, opened in 1995. The Mikvah is a beautiful haven of holiness for the community.  The Mikvah opens up a new chapter for Jewish life in the area. You are invited to tour the Mikvah and learn more about the Jewish traditions that reach to the dawn of Jewish history. We welcome you to browse through our Mikvah pages below.


The only Mikvah in all of Central Florida!
Click here for information about booking an appointment for Mikvah Yisrael
Directions from your location to Mikvah Yisrael
Everything you wanted to know about Mikvah but never knew to ask. An article by Rebbetzin Rivkah Slonim.
What is a Mikvah? What is special about the water in the Mikvah? What is Taharas Hamishpacha - Family Sanctity? Why should I go to the Mikvah?
Take a virtual tour of our newly renovated Mikvah