Rabbi Dubov Headshot.JPG

  A Rabbi should be knowledgeable and intelligent.
He should be able to teach and answer questions on all Jewish subjects. Rabbi Dubov, aside from his formal weekly classes, has the ability and desire to reach Jews on every educational level and impart the truth in a way that each person can absorb it and understand it. 

A Rabbi should be approachable. 

Rabbi Dubov does not hesitate to set up opportunities to meet with members in a relaxed atmosphere. He invites us to his house for Shabbos Dinners. He invites us for coffee at a local café. And thank goodness for cell phones! We all have our Rabbi’s cell phone number. That can give anyone a sense of satisfaction and relief.  

A Rabbi should be uncompromising in his religious belief and practice. 

Rabbi Dubov has walked 10 miles to Florida Hospital to visit a member in critical condition because he would not drive on the Shabbos.  Rabbi Dubov has a way of leading without the “greater than thou” attitude. He is non-judgmental, patient, and accepting of all of us regardless of his high Torah standards. The Rabbi founded Chabad of Greater Orlando in 1985 per instruction of The Lubavitcher Rebbe to allow Jews from all walks of life to experience first hand the warmth and commitment of Torah-true Judaism as illuminated through Chabad-Chassidic thought.

Rabbi Dubov was ordained in the Central Lubavitch Yeshiva in 1982 and has served as our Rabbi since the inception of our synagogue 34 years ago. In 1985 he was sent by the Rebbe as the first Shliach (emissary) to Central Florida to be a part of the Chabad Lubavitch world-wide movement.