Chabad Bondi Beach

Love Blooms in the Shadows

Mr. Mannie Gold, Bondi Beach, Australia;
As told by Rabbi Mendel Kastel Director of The Jewish House

With a chance to win a grant from a local Rotary Club, a friend of mine decided to hold a Jewish dinner for friends of the local Rotary and expose them to some of the Jewish traditions.

The date was set and we had a nice crowd at our centre, with kosher wine, a table set like on Shabbat, as well as traditional foods like matzah ball soup and chopped liver. We played some recordings of Jackie Mason as well as had an auction and a couple of raffles. It was a great night and we raised a couple of thousand dollars.

The next day, unbeknown to us, a solicitor (lawyer) who was at the dinner was helping a man named Mannie Gold write his will. Mannie had no children and while he wanted to give some of his money to his extended family, he also desired to support a number of Jewish charities.

As he was choosing his charities, the lawyer told Mannie of his experience with us and the wonderful work we do. Mannie said, “I have heard of them, please include them…”

It was some time later I received a letter in the mail that said we were left a significant amount in the will of a gentleman named Mannie Gold. It was only then did we learn of Mannie and his generosity.

Manny’s generous bequest helped our organization move to the next level in the services we are able to provide. The entire community benefited from his kindness.

It was an unexpected, but most welcome surprise. You might say this thoughtful gesture was out of the (Bondi) Blue!