Welcome to the Jewish experience Hebrew School!!

Welcome to Chabad's Hebrew School, an innovative educational program, located in Maitland servicing the greater Orlando area.

The Jewish Experience Hebrew School prides itself on an outstanding Judaic and Hebrew language program, a fun and rich understanding in our holidays and culture, a dynamic staff and stimulated students. Our school welcomes students regardless of religious background or affiliation.

Our students learn, understand and experience Jewish life to the fullest!

We encourage you as parents to get involved, ask questions and keep in touch with our school. Feel free to contact us at any time.

  Why us, there are many Hebrew Schools in Orlando?


Our mission is to provide and promote the highest quality Judaic education to a diverse community of Jewish children.

Our aim is to nurture and build the foundation of your child's Jewish identity through our interdisciplinary educational approach. The focus of our dedicated teachers is to inspire a twofold love.  A love for learning and a love for Judaism while fostering a feeling of familiarity within their heritage for each individual child.

A well-balanced Hebrew School education will develop in our students a commitment to using Jewish values as a guide to the decisions of life, community, and life-long learning and teaching.