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Kids Learn to be a Scribe
1: Buy your very own letter in the Children’s Unity Torah - After watching a video teaching about the power and importance of taking part and buying a letter in the Children’s Unity Torah, each child will purchase a letter. They are the one’s buying the letter! Each child will fill out a form with all the information needed to buy the letter. They will head to the storefront booth where they will scan their "credit card" and purchase their own letter electronically!
2: Behind the scenes of Torah making - Children will receive parchment, quill and ink . After watching a demo on how to write in Torah calligraphy, each child will get to be a scribe, practice the calligraphy letters, and write their name with parchment and ink. The writing will be guided by a real Sofer on video!
3. Certificate Awards-Buying a letter in the Torah is a big deal! Each child will get a beautiful certificate congratulating their purchase.
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Kids Learn to be a Scribe   Mar 3, 2019 2:00PM - 3:15PM
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