“Chabad has been so wonderful for me and my children. They have learned so much from the Hebrew School. We really enjoy coming.”


“Our involvement with Chabad has improved the relationships with all the people in our lives.”


“We feel accepted at our level of observance. We love the warm family atmosphere.” 


“Chabad is a great place to explore our Jewish heritage. Since all Jews of all backgrounds are made to feel welcome, our family has been able to grow and learn at our own pace. The atmosphere is always warm and comfortable because the Rabbi and Rebbetzin know all the members by name. Chabad is an excellent environment to raise and to teach our children about Judaism.”


“In addition to being responsible for our meeting and subsequent marriage, Chabad has provided us a judgment-free environment to improve our observance and continue our Jewish education. We look to Chabad for a lifetime of learning and the opportunity for Mitzvot.”

“We find the Chabad synagogue to be a warm neighborhood congregation with weekly adult classes that keep us spiritually in tune.”